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2018-04-12 21:06:19
5 Ways to Improve Your Home Security on a Budget 
1. Make sure your yard is well lit
You don't want to give burglars anywhere to lurk in your yard. 
2. Use a dowel in the track of your sliding glass door
Even if someone does manage to get your door unlocked, this will prevent them from opening it.  
3. Use a lock box to store your spare house key
No, hiding it under a rock, in your mailbox, or under your door mat isn't probably going to cut it. Using a lock box with a code is going to be your safest bet.
4. Use battery powered door/ window alarms
If a fancy home security system isn't in your budget, you can still have the advantage of a loud alarm to deter intruders.
5. Display security system signs in your yard (even if you don't have one)
Just seeing those signs can send a clear message that your house isn't worth messing with.
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