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2018-03-28 21:40:12
15 Hacks to take the Stress out of Moving












1. Fill your pots, pans, Crockpot etc. with spices.

Since these items don’t stack well you can utilize the space by filling them with all your spices.


2. Take pictures of the back of your TV and computer.

Think you’ll remember where all the cords go? Don’t chance it.

3. Use plastic wrap to prevent toiletries from leaking.

Have you ever opened up a box to find a shampoo explosion? Problem solved. Take a piece of plastic wrap and put it under the cap before screwing it on.


4. Place foam plates in between your glass/ceramic plates.

They’re great at absorbing shock (BONUS--they’re super inexpensive!)

5. Pack books and other heavy items into rolling suitcases/coolers with wheels.

There’s no reason to break a sweat if you don’t have to, right?


6. Use plastic wrap to secure your silverware inside it’s container.

Leave the silverware right where it is and wrap wrap the entire organizer in plastic wrap-- make unpacking a breeze!


7. Color code your move.

Assign each room of your new house a color. Label all your boxes with correlating colors of duct tape. When you move have those helping you put the boxes directly into the proper room.


8. Label your boxes like a pro!

Place the colored tape over the edge of the box so that it’s visible from 2 sides. Be sure to include which room the box will be going and its contents on each label.

9. Thread your necklaces through straws secure them with tape.

Because there’s nothing worse than having to untangle necklace chains.


10. Use a rubber band to keep your exterior doors from latching closed.

That way your doors can be easily pushed open with your foot when your arms are full of heavy boxes.


11. Use Press N’ Seal Wrap to keep plastic drawers from coming open.

If the contents aren’t heavy you can even leave the drawers full. Less to unpack--wahoo!


12. Plan where your furniture is going to go ahead of time.

Save yourself the hassle of having to re-move your furniture.

13. Use garbage bags to pack your clothes while they’re still on the hanger.

Packing/unpacking has never been easier! You can even number the bags so that all your clothes remain perfectly organized when you unpack.


14. Keep hardware in a plastic bag and tape it to the underside of your furniture.

Make finding the right nuts, bolts, and screws you'll need to re-assemble your furniture a snap! 


15. Pack a bag with the first nights essentials.

Lets face it, you’ll be too tired to unpack.





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