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2017-03-27 20:12:19
3 Home Buying Pitfalls You'll Want to Avoid

So you've decided to begin the house search, eh? Congratulations--it's an exciting step! Here are some common buyer mistakes that you'll want to steer clear of in your journey to home ownership:

1. Not shopping around for a mortgage. All mortgage loans are not created equal my friend. You'll want to talk to multiple lenders in order to see who can get you the best deal overall.  That means finding someone who can not only get you a good interest rate but also a competitive deal on closing costs.  It's also important to condense your mortgage shopping experience to 2 weeks.  Pulling your credit multiple times over a span greater than 2 weeks can negatively affect your credit.  

2. Not getting help from a professional.  A real estate agent will be able to guide you through every step of the process, answer all of your questions,  and fight for you so that you get the very best deal on your home.  For example, you may find yourself in a multiple offer situation on a house that you love. It's crucial that you have a top notch realtor to negotiate on your behalf so that you can come out on top.

Did you know that having a realtor won't cost you a dime?  The fees are actually covered by the seller. You might as well take advantage of it.  

3. Skipping the home inspection. Unlike an appraisal, a home inspection is not technically required. However, passing on a home inspection could get you into serious trouble.  Buying a home is a huge investment. You owe it to yourself to be fully informed about the property you are about to purchase. The trained eye of a home inspector will be able catch things that you wouldn't be able to find on your own.  Your realtor may even be able to use these findings to negotiate a seller paid fix to any issues.  

Now, unfortunately these are not the only potential pitfalls that can accompany buying a home. However, purchasing a home does NOT have to be scary.  The key is to be educated and to have quality industry professionals that can help you throughout the process.  For information on the entire home buying process, as well as the opportunity to talk to amazing loan officers, title agents, and home inspectors, you can attend our first time home buyers class. Details are below.

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